NICU-NET discussion forum for neonatology professionals

NICU-NET is a closed and moderated forum for discussion of neonatal intensive care issues. Membership is international in scope and and is available to physicians, nurses, and other caregivers in neonatal and perinatal medicine.

Topics for discussion include practical or procedural issues of patient care, recently published clinical trials or recommendations, effects of health care reform on neonatology, continuous quality improvement, the role of computers in neonatal practice, informal surveys of clinical practice, pathophysiology, upcoming conferences of general interest, etc.

All messages to the list should be signed with the author's full name, degrees or certifications, and the full name and location of the author's hospital, employer, or other affiliation. Messages without adequate identification will not be approved for distribution. Enclosures and attachments will be automatically removed. Message postings must not contain identifying information about patients or otherwise come into conflict with HIPAA or state regulations on patient privacy, confidentiality, or disclosure of medical records.

The use of personal information such as phone numbers or email addresses obtained through NICU-Net for purposes other than participating in NICU-Net (examples: product sales or recruiting) will result in immediate removal from the membership list.

NICU-NET on Mailman3 replaced Yahoo Groups NICU-NET in November 2019. Yahoo Groups NICU-NET was active from 2003 to 2019, and superseded a traditional UNIX maillist hosted by Peter Tarczy-Honoch at the U. of Washington from 1995 to 2003. Archived messages from the previous two incarnations of NICU-NET can be found here:

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